The Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundational component of "interconnecting everything".
Building a connected world of everything
Sub-1GHz wireless communication technology offers significant advantages, including long transmission range, strong obstacle penetration, robust interference resistance, low power consumption, and high flexibility. It is well-suited for challenging scenarios such as remote base station deployment (agriculture, forestry, livestock, mining, and petroleum), long-distance communication with strict power requirements (environmental monitoring, smart meters, building security, satellite communication, vessel tracking), as well as high-demand applications for information security that necessitate private or dedicated networks (industrial IoT, robotics, government and enterprise campuses, smart cities). These capabilities make it ideal for complex IoT wireless communication environments.
Why choose our Sub-1GHz?
Independent innovation
Our developed chips feature low power consumption characteristics, aiming to extend battery life or reduce energy consumption.
Long-distance transmission
In-house developed communication algorithms achieve stable wireless transmission, ensuring seamless connectivity.
Support for wearable devices
Designed for wearable devices, its low power consumption and long-distance communication capabilities offer robust support to smart devices.
High security
Advanced encryption and authentication technologies are employed to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.