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HOPERF and Matter

In December 18, 2019, Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and the Zigbee Alliance, among others, announced the launch of Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP). This project aimed to simplify the development process for smart home manufacturers and improve interoperability and compatibility among different devices. On May 11, 2021, the CHIP project protocol was officially named "Matter," and simultaneously, the Zigbee Alliance was renamed the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). On October 4, 2022, the Matter 1.0 standard was officially released and opened for certification. On May 18, 2023, the CSA Alliance officially released the Matter 1.1 standard. As of early 2023, nearly 300+ companies worldwide have joined the CSA Alliance to participate in the development, product application, and promotion of the Matter standard.

Matter is an application-layer standard built on top of the IP protocol. It supports underlying transport protocols like Thread, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and uses BLE protocol for commissioning. The emergence of the Matter standard breaks down barriers between different ecosystems, making interoperability of smart home devices a reality.

HOPERF has joined the CSA Connectivity Standards Alliance and Thread Alliance, becoming a high-level member, committed to promoting the application of Matter technology in China. Additionally, HOPERF is recognized by the CSA Alliance as a PAA (Product Accreditation Authority) organization and has obtained DAC certificate issuance qualifications, allowing it to issue DAC certificates for Matter devices.

HOPERF's one-stop Matter solution offers Matter over Thread and Matter over Wi-Fi modules, as well as Matter software customization development services. This helps smart home device manufacturers quickly upgrade their existing products to meet Matter standards, reducing R&D costs and shortening product development cycles, thereby accelerating product launch. HOPERF's Matter solution is mature, stable, and reliable, aimed at helping customers quickly deploy Matter products and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The advantages of Matter
Simple operation
Consumer purchases are straightforward, with no need for excessive consideration; simply identify the Matter logo. Cross-ecosystem interoperability makes setting up and using Matter devices effortless.
Products bearing the Matter logo can naturally interoperate with major ecosystems. Consumers can freely choose which smart home ecosystem their devices join.
Every Matter device must undergo rigorous Matter certification testing and include a globally unique DAC security certificate.
Consistent and low-latency local connectivity, even when the internet is disconnected, ensuring normal operation.
Device types supported by Matter
The challenges faced by smart home device manufacturers.
Protocol development complexity.
Matter, as the next-generation smart home standard, faces challenges not only in the complexity of its own protocol but also in its integration with wireless protocols such as Thread, Wi-Fi, and BLE. This results in high product complexity, increased development difficulty, and extended research and development timelines, necessitating substantial investment in R&D.
High certification costs.
Matter product certification requirements are stringent, involving the prerequisite of becoming a member of various alliances and encompassing certifications for multiple wireless protocols. The certification process is time-consuming and intricate. Failures during certification testing can be challenging to analyze and resolve, leading to increased certification costs due to multiple testing iterations.
High security requirements.
The Matter standard imposes extremely high security requirements on devices, mandating that each Matter device must include a globally unique Device Attestation Certificate (DAC). Establishing Matter Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a complex task that demands significant time and cost investments. Even procuring DAC certificates externally comes at a substantial cost.
Complex production processes.
During the mass production of Matter products, the burning of DAC certificates and private keys, along with other security-related information, imposes stringent demands on the production line. Ensuring a one-to-one correspondence between product QR codes and the securely burned information adds complexity to the production process.
Why choose HOPERF?
Strong technical research and development capabilities.
HOPERF's Matter application development team comes from leading IoT semiconductor manufacturers worldwide and possesses a deep understanding of the Matter standard. They have been involved in Matter technology research and product development even before the Matter standard was officially released, accumulating extensive technical expertise and professional experience. HOPERF's Matter modules exhibit outstanding performance and stability, effectively meeting customers' requirements for Matter products.
Provide certification transfer plan services.
For customers who are not CSA Alliance members, HOPERF offers the option to certify Matter products on their behalf and facilitate the certification transfer process to help them obtain Matter certification effortlessly. If customers prefer to pursue Matter certification independently, HOPERF can assist them in establishing connections with certification testing laboratories, expediting the process of obtaining Matter certification.
Offer DAC certificate programming services.
HOPERF's Matter solution provides a secure and reliable mechanism for issuing, managing, and programming DAC certificates. Customers can focus solely on their product's non-Matter functionalities without worrying about Matter security concerns, effectively reducing the cost of meeting Matter security requirements.
A mature mass production solution.
HOPERF's Matter solution offers a mature and stable mass production process that ensures Matter products meet security standards while significantly enhancing production efficiency and capacity assurance. This effectively helps customers bring Matter products to market successfully.
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