Intelligent Weather Management Solution
All-in-one Small Smart Weather Station
Smart Weather Station

With the continuous advancement of information technology, wireless communication and sensor technology, intelligent weather management can achieve higher levels of data collection, analysis and prediction capabilities. Sensors can collect various meteorological data, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, etc., and provide more accurate information for meteorological prediction and decision-making through intelligent algorithms and data processing.

HOPERF Intelligent Weather Management Solution specifically includes wireless DIY weather stations, climate soil monitoring terminals, intelligent microclimate monitoring software, weather data SAAS platform and other components. These components have been widely used in home environment monitoring, smart homes, smart schools, IoT, smart cities, smart agriculture and animal husbandry, smart soil and water environment protection and other fields.


The Main Function
The all-in-one smart weather station product has the ability to build an integrated monitoring and processing system for collecting, sensing and wireless network transmission of all-round meteorological data including wind speed, rainfall, light, temperature and humidity, soil, CO2, PM2.5, air quality, etc. Capability, real-time data is uploaded to the cloud platform through its own ECOWITT APP and shared with global users. Daily active users have exceeded 120,000, and it is about to reach the world's largest personal climate user group.
Solution Dagram
Solution Advantages
Integrated Multifunctional Weather Station
Temperature, humidity, wind direction/speed, light and UV levels are all included.
Almost Zero Maintenance
The integrated multifunctional weather station requires no moving parts and has extremely low maintenance costs.
Dual Power Supply
Achieve autonomous solar operation and backup battery power supply to ensure uninterrupted work.
Tactile Rain Sensor
With a seismic design, the rainfall sensor is more accurate and reliable.
Light, Compact and Strong
Install it outdoors and let it work its weather magic for you.
Easily integrate with third parties
Easily integrates with third-party systems thanks to a unique data exchange protocol.
Long Transmission Distance
Data can be transmitted and received via the GW2000 hub within a range of 150 meters.
Typical Application
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