HOPERF was Awarded the License by Shenzhen Semiconductor Association

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Recently, Secretary-General Chang Junfeng of the Shenzhen Conductor Association led the key members of the association to personally visit HOPERF to host the awarding ceremony for our new member units.



Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association is a non-governmental organization in the semiconductor industry established in 2002 by major semiconductor companies in Shenzhen. It is a 4A-level industry association in Shenzhen. Its members include integrated circuit foundries, integrated circuit design companies, application system design manufacturers, and product engineering design solutions. manufacturers, electronic product terminal manufacturers, packaging and testing, and media and supporting services related to the semiconductor industry; over the years, by serving relevant government departments and members, the association has fully played its role as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, and implemented The implementation of several policies by the state and Shenzhen City to encourage the development of the semiconductor industry has effectively promoted the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of Shenzhen's semiconductor industry.


As a member of the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, HOPERF started from market application service sales, went deep into the actual needs of customers to conduct targeted development, provided technology research and development system services, intelligent mass production and manufacturing, and mastered upstream chip design, packaging and testing, etc. It has considerable independent intellectual property rights in specific fields and has achieved a solid position in the industry. Over the years, HOPERF has accumulated a lot of experience step by step, working hard to cultivate market segments and strive for the right to speak in the industry. The independently developed CMT series of radio frequency IC and high-precision sensor products can successfully replace the corresponding international big-name products, thus gaining a considerable market share. The share and industry status have effectively promoted the economic upgrading, technological innovation and intensive localization of China's integrated circuit industry.