Professor Zhang Xing from Peking University made a special Trip to HOPERF 

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On June 9, Professor Zhang Xing, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Integrated Circuits at Peking University, and his delegation made a special visit to the HOPERF headquarters of Shenzhen Vanke Cloud City to conduct research and conduct in-depth exchanges.
Professor Zhang Xing is mainly engaged in the structure and manufacturing process of new silicon-based nanoscale semiconductor devices, integrated circuit design technology, radiation resistance characteristics of small-size MOS devices and circuits and their reinforcement methods, integrated circuit parameter libraries and unit libraries, and integrated circuit reliability. He has conducted research on evaluation technology, semiconductor device model simulation, etc., and has presided over more than 20 national scientific research projects such as National 973, 863, Natural Science Foundation, and Key Science and Technology Research Projects. He has co-published more than 200 academic papers and applied for more than 100 invention patents. , published 3 books, and won more than ten national, provincial and ministerial awards, including the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award, the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award, and the first prize of the Beijing Science and Technology Award. Professor Zhang is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Integrated Circuits, Peking University, winner of the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s Outstanding Youth Fund, chief scientist of the 973 Project, deputy director of the Semiconductor and Integrated Technology Branch of the China Electronics Society, and director of the Microcomputer Professional Committee of the China Computer Society. He is an editorial board member of journals such as Science Bulletin, Journal of Semiconductors, and Journal of Peking University (Natural Science Edition).


Wu Yikang, Chairman of HOPERF, extended a warm welcome to Professor Zhang Xing. Chen Xiaodan, Director of HOPERF Application R&D, introduced to Professor Zhang Xing the company’s development history, core technologies, R&D features and product advantages, as well as HOPERF’s future layout planning for each product line. As a senior original manufacturer of radio frequency chips and an Internet of Things wireless communication system-level service provider, HOPERF has established long-term and in-depth cooperation with key resources upstream and downstream of the industry chain, focusing on the three directions of wireless data transmission, environmental perception, and the Internet of Things, with wireless radio frequency chips and modules. Product forms such as groups, sensors, isolators, etc. form a complete product layout that combines key aspects of information perception and information interaction.

During the meeting, Chairman Wu Yikang specially introduced HOPERF’s outstanding advantages in independent and controllable low-power long-distance radio frequency chips. HOPERF is a pioneer in the field of self-developed sub-GHz wireless radio frequency chips in China. Since its establishment, HOPERF has insisted on independent innovation. Taking the real needs of the market as the starting point, taking the industry to serve the country as its own responsibility, we always adhere to positive design, product performance benchmarks against leading international brands, and serves every customer in a down-to-earth manner. The application areas cover industrial control measurement, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and intelligence. It has served thousands of well-known domestic and foreign brand companies for many years in a large number of industries such as home furnishing, smart cities, and smart medical care. It is an excellent brand manufacturer with independent controllability and continuous innovation in the domestic semiconductor industry, and has effectively promoted the key to signal transmission in the Internet of Things wireless communication system. Domestic substitution of components. HOPERF's outstanding performance in products and markets, especially its absolute strength in replacing domestically produced RF core components, has been highly recognized and praised by Professor Zhang Xing.

Chairman Wu Yikang said that Professor Zhang Xing’s visit recognized the HOPERF team’s positive innovative spirit and excellent R&D capabilities, and also opened up opportunities for future cooperation between HOPERF and China’s high-end scientific research and academic resources. At present, HOPERF is facing new opportunities and challenges in a new stage of development. It needs to learn more from the School of Integrated Circuits of Peking University and actively explore specific ways to further industry-university-research exchanges and cooperation in the future through efficient and pragmatic, technological empowerment, and open and win-win cooperation concepts. methods and steps.