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"Passive Keyless Entry" is an access control system for vehicles, buildings or other facilities. It uses radio frequency technology to automatically determine whether the user is approaching and perform identity recognition to perform unlocking or locking actions without the need for a traditional physical key. Such systems are often based on wireless communication technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Ultra-Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC). Users only need to carry a specific authentication device, such as a smart card, electronic key or smartphone. When the user approaches the receiver, the system verifies their identity and performs an unlocking action. Bluetooth is widely used in keyless entry systems, especially in keyless entry systems for two-wheelers, because of its ubiquity, ease of use, low power consumption and high security.

Among the many wireless communication technologies, Bluetooth has a wide application in keyless entry systems, especially in keyless entry systems for two-wheelers, due to its universality, ease of use, low power consumption, high security and other characteristics. application.

Feature Highlights
Car owners do not need to carry traditional physical keys, but only need to carry their smartphones to unlock and start the vehicle. At the same time, users can temporarily or permanently authorize digital keys to other users to facilitate vehicle sharing.
Advanced identity verification technology is used to provide higher security and reduce the risk of vehicle theft.
In addition to the automatic unlocking function, users can also perform vehicle entry and control through smart devices, such as unlocking, starting and personalization settings.
Theft Resistance
Keyless entry systems also often come with anti-theft features such as alarm systems, remote tracking, and remote disabling. These features enhance vehicle safety.
Solution Technical Specifications
BLE technology is widely used in smartphones. Basically all smartphones support connecting various accessories and peripherals through low-power Bluetooth technology, such as Bluetooth HID devices (keyboards, mice, game consoles). handle), motion sensor, etc.

At the same time, both iOS and Android devices support HID's automatic reconnection function, which means that when the phone is close to the bound HID device, a Bluetooth connection will be automatically established without the need for any App. This simplifies the tedious mobile application operation, is very suitable for passive keyless entry systems, and truly achieves senseless unlocking.

The most common threats in wireless communications include passive eavesdropping, active eavesdropping and tracking. The Bluetooth communication protocol builds secure communication links through multiple mechanisms such as pairing, binding, authentication, encryption, and data signatures. At the same time, users can also implement independent data encryption at the application layer to further enhance system security.

The passive keyless entry system uses BLE signal strength to calculate distance to perform unlocking and locking actions. Users can calibrate and configure the Bluetooth proximity unlock switch and distance to further optimize the user experience.
User Binding
When using it for the first time, car owners need to perform device binding operations through the App on their mobile phones.
BLE Automatic Connection
When the owner approaches the vehicle, the keyless entry system automatically connects with the owner's smartphone via Bluetooth. Only authorized user mobile phones can establish a normal connection.
Once the BLE connection is established, the keyless entry system will further verify identity.
Distance Calculation
The keyless entry system calculates the distance between the vehicle and the user by judging the signal strength.
Automatically Unlock
Once the user's identity is successfully authenticated and the user is within unlocking range, the system will unlock the vehicle's handlebar lock or electronic lock. Owners can easily push the vehicle or start the motor using the starter button.
Automatic Lock
When the user moves away from the vehicle, the keyless entry system will automatically perform a locking operation.
PKE System

Solution Core Advantages
Low Power Consumption
HOPERF BLE IC has low power consumption features to extend battery life or reduce energy consumption. This is critical for long-term use and long-term reliable service.
Connection Stability
The self-developed communication algorithm realizes stable Bluetooth wireless transmission, ensuring seamless connection and reliable data transmission to ensure that users can conveniently perform unlocking and access control operations.
It has wide device compatibility so that users can use various Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, smart watches, etc., for access control.
Management and Configuration
It has easy management and configuration features, allowing administrators to easily manage user access rights, add or delete devices, etc.
Typical Application
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